Anti Couperose Gel


Anti Couperose Gel 50ml with Arnica & Horse Chestnut

Herbal extracts combine to aid vascular circulation. A nourishing gel designed for the treatment of broken capillaries in all skin types. Readily absorbed, Anti Couperose Gel is ideal for treating couperose and rosacea. Reduces redness while instantly calming & soothing the skin. With regular use Anti Couperose Gel gets results!

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Directions for Use

Anti Couperose Gel may be safely applied all over the face and body where assistance is needed with any vascular related concern such as broken capillaries, rosacea or couperose. Pump into your palm and spread generously over the areas that need treating. For optimum results in reducing redness, follow with Oneeka’s Rejuvenating Day Cream with arnica and horse chestnut!



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